I have numerous buyers each with their own expectations of discount and delivery procedures.

We are looking to facilitate long-term supply agreements with the buyer, with contracts typically running for more than one year.

If a price can be figured out subject to terms and conditions. For a minimum volume per month. Negotiations will go a lot smoother. Then we can get everyone on the phone onto video conferencing to begin things.

After basic details are completed, we will make direct introductions between the buyer and seller.


We will need review procedures by receiving an SCO before an LOI is submitted


Is it a reseller or mine?

What are their procedures are they negotiable?

And price discounts? Is price negotiable?

What's their minimum & Maximum amount per month?

Gold's location?

What is your role in the deal? (Connection to the source or buyer)

Ask quantity amount they can delivery per month?

Purity % (for example 23 ct 96%)?

Purchasing procedures and are they flexible?

Origin of gold?