US Real Estate

Buyer Criteria
Property Types: Muti-Family
Avg deal size is about $15M - $45M per property
I have Investors in TX/FL/NY/Las Vegas
But then they tell me should the deal be larger they can bring outside capital to close it (JV partners)
Buying Locations:
TX - Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston
FL - Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando
NV - Las Vegas
IA - Des Moines
Tri State Area (NY, CT, NJ)
AZ - Pheonix
Valued Add MF
Class C- to B- buildings

Benefits to Sellers
All Cash Buyers (for quick close)
Quicker Decision Making (shorter deal cycle)
Connect with an Active (frequent) Buyer
30-45 days avg closing timeframe
LOI, POF ready to be packaged up at request.