What we look for in deals

Titan Family Office Consulting only engages in transactions that have evidence of these FIVE things intact:

    1. Clear and accurate deal details.
    2. Concise principal details.
    3. Relationships clearly defined.
    4. Documents accurately complete and professionally-crafted.
    5. Intermediaries can be professionally packaged for efficient payment by payer(s).

Deals that won't pass our "sniff test"

Titan Family Office Consulting DOES NOT participate in the mindless circulation of documents that originate from the unknown and/or lack professional competence to be respected by top world banks, accounting, and law firms.

Titan Family Office Consulting DOES NOT participate in undefined chains and/or relationships.

Titan Family Office Consulting DOES NOT expect any principal to issue/sign/seal documents that are less than professionally complete.

Smooth deal closing procedures/mindset

Competently/professionally gather details for Titan Family Office Consulting's review in regards to:

    • Deal description and terms requested or offered


    • Any special notes that outline any special issues, circumstances, etc


    • Exact relationships involved and their credibility, expectations, and skillsets


    • Any legal representation involved


    • The exact chain of intermediaries (if any) to the signatory principals.


Successful deals often require extra effort to avoid misrepresented facts and/or miscommunications that damage and/or destroy deals.

Try mentally putting yourself in the shoes of all parties in order to predict what details are going to be required for an intelligent match and closing as soon as possible.

    • Principals


    • Law Firms


    • Accounting Firms


    • Banks and Central Banks


    • Know real KYC/AML compliance today: The Wolfsberg Group https://www.wolfsberg-principles.com/
        • Notice that 95% of the KYC packages and their "Rules of the Road" nonsense... absolutely polluting the Internet today... only contain maybe 25% of what is actually required for real bank and central bank compliance departments.




    • Applicable consulting firms, vendors, producers, shipping companies, brokerages, insurance underwriters, etc.


    • Intermediary Reputations


Notice how Titan Family Office Consulting outlines deals in both of the Commodities as well as Financial sections of this website.

You are encouraged to copy these outlines/tables and paste them into the body of an email, document, and/or your own website so that you can then edit them into whatever deal you are offering or requesting that might earn some real respect rather than the typical total waste of time.

Also the production of a competent Letter of Request or Offer Description document in professional letterhead naturally earns more credibility than those that don't know how or don't care to know how.

A lot of time gets wasted dealing with those that don't understand how and don't want to know how to package credibility.

Many of the principals and/or high-level relationships that Titan Family Office Consulting has today require/expect Titan Family Office Consulting to do a reasonable level of due diligence and KYC/AML pre-compliance on deals before requesting their time in reviewing them or speaking about them.

The ONLY reason why Titan Family Office Consulting has a relationship with many of these parties is because of Titan Family Office Consulting ' website, background, as well as professional document production skills.

The ultimate goal of all should be to prefabricate success by design because the actual details required to achieve success by design was respected.

INTERMEDIARIES/BROKERS/MANDATES: You either have the professional skills and/or relationships to bring competent details on what you are bringing OR you need to help clear the way for Titan Family Office Consulting to fully interview key players and help design a win/win solution for everyone.

Allow fluid interaction by those that are direct to principal parties and/or are most knowledgeable to get comfortable with each other and/or are capable of following a contractual transaction around like a good paralegal can so that contractual win-win can be incubated as soon as possible. Open the door for competent details to come forward for international KYC/AML banking compliance that allows a contract between principals to be signed as efficiently as possible.

The principals are introduced to each other after an intelligent match has been established. Be prepared for possible breakdowns to occur... and when they occur... focus on actual industry/banking compliant solutions rather than what seems wrong.

A draft contract is crafted for both parties/attorneys to negotiate and refine with each other until both parties agree the draft document is ready for signatures. Most contracts floating around the Internet aren't ready for anyone to sign yet many have already been signed by one party who has no idea who is their counter-party and whether the contract verbiage is legal and a match.

The "DRAFT" watermark is removed from the production document and the final version of the contract in PDF format is circulated among signatories for their signatures.

This is where the rubber really hits the road. It's often easier to get parties to sign a contract than get them to follow the procedures within the signed contract. Success will come when parties follow the procedures and/or have the professional skills to resolve whatever issues that arise.

Enjoy success. It probably wasn't as easy as you thought it might be but that's the actual reality of today's business world in general.

The Internet is absolutely polluted with brokers/intermediaries participating mindlessly in various brokering activities like swarms of starving insects. Part of what is being circulated is pure fraud, pure money laundering, and/or is not going to gain the respect of any high-level principal, banker, attorney, and/or accountant engaging in $100M+ international financial transactions. It is not uncommon for the banks' compliance departments to freeze an account for 90 days and start an investigation on EVERYBODY due to inexperience, fraud, and/or KYC/AML compliance issues.

If you expect/demand Titan Family Office Consulting to solicit a respectable principal with less than quality information then please do immediately consider your personal funding capability to immediately compensate Titan Family Office Consulting with a significant retainer to offset the financial and chronological impact of such common and typical expectations and/or demands.

If you think that you are waiting somehow on Titan Family Office Consulting and have not clearly defined the items in the above outline...please pound into your head immediately that your situation (no matter how much you think it's an emergency) is YOUR own personal problem.

Please don't be at all surprised... if Titan Family Office Consulting demands a $100,000+ retainer... especially/only if you request/demand that Titan Family Office Consulting act immediately upon less than a professional set of details. We can only help those that really want to help themselves.